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Invoicing in New Zealand

The main requirement of GST-registered businesses in New Zealand is issuing GST invoices with every sale of taxable goods or services.

Invoices below NZ$ 1,000 do not require including the name and address of the customer or detailed GST calculation. No tax invoice is required for sales below NZD$ 50.

New Zealand Invoice Requirements

βœ” Name and address of supplier
βœ” Name and address of customer
βœ” β€˜Tax Invoice’ printed clearly
βœ” Supplier GST number
βœ” Date of invoice
βœ” Description of taxable supplies
βœ” Quantity of taxable supplies
βœ” Gross taxable amount
βœ” Foreign currency invoices will be subject to currency conversion at the public rate at time of supply

VAT/GST in New Zealand

In New Zealand, the value-added tax (VAT) is applied as the goods and services tax (GST). This indirect tax is applied to the sale of most goods and services supplied domestically for consumption. Sellers levy GST from consumers at a point of sale and transfer these funds directly to the government. As an indirect federal sales tax, GST is added to the price of the product at a standard rate. Businesses registered to collect GST may claim back GST paid out for business-related expenses on supplies, goods, and services. In New Zealand, the tax authority responsible for VAT/GST collection and reclaim is called Inland Revenue.


New Zealand Invoice VAT & GST Rates

VAT/GST Rates in New Zealand

Depending on the goods or services supplied, different GST rates will apply. These are the tax rates in New Zealand:

GST Rates & Types Included goods and services
15% – Standard Most taxable goods and services
9% – Reduced Long term hotel bookings
0% – Zero-rated Exports and some services; financial services, land transactions, international transportation
0% – GST Exempt Financial goods and services, real estate, fine metals

Registering for VAT/GST in New Zealand

Businesses with an annual turnover exceeding NZ$60,000 may be required to register for New Zealand VAT, including foreign businesses supplying goods or services to end consumers in New Zealand. Collecting and remitting VAT/GST is the responsibility of the seller, and non-compliance may result in hefty fines. Regardless of the type of business, if you expect to generate revenue exceeding the registration threshold, you must register for GST.

If you will not exceed the GST registration threshold, you can decide whether or not to register. The benefit of registration is being able to reclaim GST on business-related expenses. However, registration is not obligatory.

To register for VAT/GST in New Zealand registration, you will have to provide the following information:

βœ” VAT Your IRD number*
βœ” Your myIRD account
βœ” Completed GST registration application form
βœ” Bank account details for GST credit refunds
βœ” Classification codes for the taxable supplies you provide

Registering as a Non-Resident Business for VAT/GST

Foreign businesses are liable to register for GST under the same conditions as resident businesses. There is no need to find a local tax representative – registrations can be sent to the tax authorities directly. If the amount of taxable supplies sold exceeds the NZ$60,000 annual threshold, make sure you sign up for GST before beginning business in New Zealand. Like resident businesses, non-resident businesses may also voluntarily register for GST even if the annual threshold is not met.

*An IRD number is a unique New Zealand tax reference number provided by Inland Revenue through a separate application process. This unique eight or nine-digit number will be included on all GST documents and filing, including tax invoices.

Examples of taxable supplies requiring GST registrations by foreign companies include:

βœ” Importation of goods into New Zealand with an onward sale

βœ” Providing digital services (streaming media, e-books, software, news, apps, etc.) to consumers

βœ” Organizing live events and conferences

βœ” Buying and selling goods in New Zealand, known as domestic supplies

File GST in New Zealand

GST filing can be submitted online or via paper applications. To file GST, you must maintain accurate invoices issued within 27 days of the supply. All files must be kept for at least 7 years.

The business records you are required to maintain include the following:

● Receipts, purchase invoices, and sales invoices
● Accounts and cash books
● Bank statements
● Adjustments, credit, or debit notes
● Documents relating to GST
● Import or export documents
● Orders and delivery documents

The frequency of GST filing for a GST-registered business in New Zealand will depend on turnover. The more you earn, the more frequently you will be required to file, with monthly filing required of businesses with an annual turnover exceeding NZD$ 24 million.

When filing GST, you will be able to reclaim input GST incurred on supplies, services, or other expenses in the course of business operations. If the amount of GST incurred is greater than the output GST collected from customers, you will be entitled to a GST refund.

How to reclaim your VAT

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Will my clients see β€œFreeInvoiceBuilder” on the New Zealand GST/No GST invoice?
Never, although our invoice generator is entirely free of cost, the generated New Zealand GST/No GS invoices are completely unbranded.
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You can easily drag or select your logo to the top left corner of the New Zealand invoice template and brand your business seamlessly.
Can I choose between different currency options?
Yes, FreeInvoiceBuilder provides you the option to choose any currency you trade in to create the New Zealand GST/Non GST invoice with an accurate price.
Can I make a PDF New Zealand invoice?
Yes, even if you don’t have a registered account, our invoice generator offers a customizable ready-made invoice template to create & instantly download the PDF copy of your New Zealand GST/Non GST invoice or save the information to use later.
How do I send a German VAT/No VAT invoice?
Send the created PDF German invoice electronically or print it. You can also share the link to your invoice so your client can download or print the invoice directly.
Do I need to register or make an account to create an invoice?
No, you don’t need to register or make an account to create an invoice however with an account you can save the invoices & information in the app for later use.
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